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Anna Dello Russo | Wardrobe Check

Posted: Monday, 14 December 2009 | Posted by Oana V. | Labels: , , , , , ,

Anna Dello Russo Anna Dello Russo2 Anna Dello Russo3 Anna Dello Russo4

Anna Dello Russo5 Anna Dello Russo6  Anna Dello Russo8 Anna Dello Russo9

The only thing I really dislike about travelling is that I need to organise my suitcase and put together a decent selection of clothes together that a) match together and b) are adequate to my destinations' weather situation. So there I am ending up spending what appears to me an endless amount of time with sorting out my travelling wardrobe. It just doesn’t get any better. If I could I would end up packing together my entire closet…but then we know that this doesn’t necessarily make things easier for me. So when reading that fashion director and creative consultant Anna Dello Russo packs up trunks of outfits for the fashion weeks, I’m relieved that a) I’m not her and b) I’m not her personal assistant.

“…for fashion shows, I remember that I used to need 30 outfits. Today, for the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, and Paris. I have to bring at least 90 outfits." [grazia, fashionologie]

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  1. Jenny said...
  2. I absolutely adore her & her wardrobe. I think she is someone who really enjoys playing dress up!
    But 90 outfits is a lot of clothes to pack up and move from place to place... whoah

  3. Join the Gossip said...
  4. Oooh, I especially like the 3rd and 6th dresses!

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