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Deeeeeelicious Apple Pie

Posted: Tuesday, 11 August 2009 | Posted by Oana V. |

My hubby has been nagging me for days now to bake him an apple pie. So today being it a bit of a rain spitting day, I gave it a try. I must say I love to cook anything from Italian to steaks, stews, soups or any home style cooking. It’s a passion of mine to try out new recipes, but when it comes to baking…that’s a whole different world for me. I am not particular a baking mum. Never enjoyed the whole baking cookies for Christmas really, my children get to do all their baking with their grandmother. She does a great job around Christmas time with them while I’ll never fit in those shoes. Anyway by saying that you’ll probably understand why I was sp eager to postpone the evil hour. But nevertheless I baked, surprisingly enough I even enjoyed it! I was so proud of my first ever apple pie that I had to take a picture and share it with you. Isn’t that one delicious apple pie which makes you want to sink your teeth into it?

Apple Pie @Bette's Vintage Line

Apple Pie @Bette's Vintage Line

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  1. Stephen Venables said...
  2. Well, in my defence the pie was promised over a week ago, so a bit of nagging was in order!

    The pie is truly tasty though, so much so that I'm tucking into a second, larger, portion right now.

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. personally, i'm more into pie crusts. gimme crust. lol

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