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Changing Faces

Posted: Saturday, 1 August 2009 | Posted by Bette V. |

Just in case you have noticed some strange layout issues or changes to my blog or asked yourself if you are the wrong place, do not fear. I'm in the process of redesigning the layout and appearance of the blog to give it a more contemporary and fresh look.

So, apologies if you view the blog in the middle of these changes however it should be finished over the weekend. At this point I need to show some love to my wonderful and talented, but sometimes just a man, husband, who is helping me with this and putting up with my ever changing ideas.

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  1. Victoria Hoffmann said...
  2. how do you change your blog?? i have tried this but i have noticed that i am not a computer genius..

    great blog you have ;)


  3. Bette V. said...
  4. Neither am I, Victoria but there are quite a lot of free blogger templates available, just check out the web. I just wasn't satisfied with the boring ones on here.

    I visited your blog, really nice one ;)

  5. LLC said...
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