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Rihanna's 80s Glam Extravaganza

Posted: Thursday, 30 July 2009 | Posted by Bette V. | Labels: , , ,

You may like or dislike Rihanna's extravagant sense of style but she is the undistipudent queen of eccentric and glamorous fashion statement stealing the show! Choosing flashy blazers and statement accessories to walk the red carpet she makes sure that all heads are turning after her. Personally I love her bold look and give her credit for her chic and unique styling
setting the stage for serious fashion showdown.

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  1. Carte Blanche said...
  2. Rihanna is not only beautiful and talented but she's got an amazing style of her own. Great pics:)

  4. amazing!!!

  5. Maverick Malone said...
  6. Rihanna has interesting style. Sometimes I really like it.

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