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Posted: Tuesday, 21 July 2009 | Posted by Bette V. | Labels: , , , ,

For the celebration of it this is my first blog ever. The reason why I came on here is simple and can be told in one sentence. I love Vintage Clothing and anything with style that depicts the fashion sense and glamour of that era which can be: Vintage Advertising, Vintage Photography, Vintage Fashion Magazines, Vintage Fabrics and Vintage Furniture. I can spend hours looking for that special dress or that fabulous lamp, for those unique pair of shoes or that inspiring magazine cover. I often find myself dandering through the past and imagining how those fabulous dresses were worn - by what type of woman, with what type of hairstyle. And most of the times I ask myself where the hell did these woman have all the time back in the days to look as magnificent and taking care of kids and household. We need to keep in mind that women in of the old days didn't have the modern and advanced lifestyle we are richely showered with.

From today on I will present you my daily items from my Etsy shop which I all hand pick for quality and style. They are all available for sale, all of them are in excellent to very good Vintage condition. Enjoy and be inspired!

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